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Top things fujifilm could improve on their XT2 lineup and make the XH-1 worth buying

  • Enzo Creationn 322 Ngũ Hành Sơn Đà Nẵng Vietnam (map)

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Hello people! It's sunday funday and Today in this live session i'd like to talk about the shortcoming of the #Fujifilm #XT2 for video productions and what I'd wish to see in the soon to be released #XH1.

All video makers and others who would like to get into it, feel free to join the discussion and let's try to make our #fujiworld an even better place :P

Here is quick overview of the things we'll discuss:

What could be added via firmware upgrade for the XT2:
* Custom settings doesn't work in video mode.
* Quick switch from standard recording to slo-mo
* Shutter lock and iso lock.
* 180 degree shutter rule implementation in auto shutter speed mode.
* Cannot edit custom white balance while in video mode
* HDMI signal is weird, some users reported problems with atomos recorders and I’m having issues with Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder.
* Headphone Jack doesn’t work when you connect HDMI
* Waveform
* Deactivate Fly by wire focus on demand
* Smoothen Clicky exposure when changing ISO and Aperture (aperture might be hard but iso should be possible)
* Video Playback doesn’t show clip length
* No 30fps or 60fps. Mostly for live streaming.

What would make the XH-1 worthwhile to upgrade to:
* Flippy screen
* 1080p 120fps
* 4k 60 fps
* internal flog
* 10bit 4.2.2
* Face tracking in 4k
* 4k crop factor

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