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Used JINBEI Background Reflector


Used JINBEI Background Reflector

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This Background Reflector for Impact/Bowens Mount Strobes is a sconce-shaped light modifier that outputs an oval, fan-like beam of light that is ideal for placing behind the subject for even lighting of the background. Alternately, you can place it closer to the background for a corona or graduated effect or backlight the subject to separate him or her from the background. The reflector has handy clips to attach gels and diffusion material and a rotation mechanism that allows you to vary the direction of the light.

The Background Reflector is compatible with Impact Monolights, Bowens, Travelite, Cowboy, Interfit Stellar, JTL, Photoflex, Rime Lite, and Westcott flash heads.

  • Neutral silver interior

  • Includes clips for mounting accessories

  • Projects an oval of light on your background

  • Can also be used for backlighting

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