The best way to visit Cham Islands

Our friends Marie-France and Gildas just received their license to use their new sailing boat!!! Hoi An and Cham Islands here we come, get ready for the most peaceful and relaxing trip you can have ever do in Vietnam!

The photography and videography shooting schedule has been crazy stressful the last few month and after a week of sleeping an average of 2 to 3 hours per night this invite to go for diving was an absolute relief. Actually we had this plan for quite a while but between not ideal weather conditions and other photo and video bookings we kept postponing, but this time it was GREEN LIGHT and it couldn't come at a better time.

Pascal, came to pick us all up in Danang and after about 25 minutes drive to Hoi An here it was, the MAJESTIC BIRIWA!!!! We kind of knew that the boat was big but when you see it in person it's a complete different story. After all the OHss, WOWsss and congratulations to Gildas and Marie-France we finally came on board and put all our stuffs in our individual cabins. (4 Perfectly furnished bedrooms with AC, fans, bathrooms etc...)


Our Focused Skipper

On the way to Cham Islands

Off we go, en-route for Cham Islands, the sky is blue and the water visibility is awesome! It promises to be one hell of a day. One of the most interesting thing we noticed is that there were loads of speedboats packed with tons of red life-jackets tourists heading the same way. It was quite worrying at first to think "HHHHMMmmmm, we might end up with a huge crowd all around us...". The worry quickly went away when about a mile from the Cham Islands, we started to head toward completely remote islands on the right. When we arrived we were just by ourselves in the middle of a crystal clear water next to a small inhabited island, we've reached paradise!

Time to grab the paddle board, snorkling gear and enjoy the vietnamese waters beauty.



with crystal clear waters

We had so much fun that we didn't see the time passing and around 4pm we decided to head toward the Village on the Main Cham Island and since we had the wind behind us it was the perfect time to unleash the beautiful sails.


Pirates of the Caribeans

Featuring Gildas as Jack Sparrow

Night came quickly and Marie-France had prepared a beautiful feast with French Charcuterie, Pesto pastas and let's not forget some nice french wine. The ambiance was so nice that we ended up going to bed around midnight after few Gin Tonics. Talking about going to bed, well the cabins were really nice but when you have such a lovely night with nice weather and a small breeze the deck of the boat just calls for you.

Alarm was set at 4am to witness the sunrise and around 4.15 we raised the anchor to head to the back of the Cham Islands so we can enjoy the beauty of the day starting without any distractions. The ocean, a stunning sky and a window of 15 minutes pure beauty that gets engraved in our mind.


Take a breath

and enjoy

When sunrise was finish we headed back to the village but this time via the other side of the island where massive cliffs and rocks replaced the beaches.

Once at the village we sat down at a small local place and ate a traditional Vietnamese coffee and Banh My O Pla (Vietnamese Sandwish with eggs). To be honest, this is something I would gladly have skipped when you see how crowded the place was with tourists and selfie sticks, but at least we saw the village.

Gildas was a great host but as a diving instructor for 15 years, obviously we couldn't finish our adventure without a proper diving at one of his secret spot.


Fishes are ready

Thanks Marie France for the pic

Here it was, our small weekend adventure that was highly needed. Definitely the best way to relax and have a great time with close friends.

See all the pictures below

If you are interested in a one of a kind get away around Danang/Hoi An don't wait and contact Gildas and Marie-France via their FB Page: