Sony A7RIII vs the Fujifilm XT2: Time to change?

We are currently building a photography studio for a client in central vietnam and based on their requirements we recommended to buy 3 x A7RIII even though we are big fujifilm fans :D The necessity for High Resolution, Full-Frame body and above all, the ability to shoot tethered using Capture one pro made the recommendation a no brainer.

While we are still waiting for them to receive all the equipment to move forward and finish the full installation, we had to opportunity to try one of their Sony A7RIII in our own studio for a portrait shoot and all I can say (after having setup all the custom buttons/functions to avoid the terrible menu system) is WOWWWWWW!!!!

While we will be heavily testing the camera during the next few days to be able to share our opnion vs our current fujifilm system, here is the very first portrait we shoot with Sony A7RIII:

Mrs Dayle Thomas (Owner of a wedding planning company in Danang, Vietnam)

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Cheers and have a stunning day!