Sony A7RIII First Video Test coming from Fujifilm XT2

Hello folks,

Yesterday we had an important shoot in Hoi An and I bring along the Sony A7RIII with the 90mm 2.8 Macro with us to see how well it would perform in a real life documentary style use. I couldn't spend more than 30 minutes on the edit and grading of this video since it has been done during our lunch break.

So far here are the things that I liked:

  • Ability to assign virtually anything to any button/dial/menu/function
  • Switch between 4K 25fps 1/50th shutter to 1080 100fps 1/200 shutter at the turn of a dial!!!! This is a major +++ for me
  • Stabilization! Oh gosh what a huge change compare to the XT2
  • Better Dynamic Range in Slog 2 compare to Fujifilm Pro Neg (poor men f-log)
  • Video focus in continuous seems to work pretty good but I might have to further test it.
  • Lighter than the XT2 with the Fujinon 80mm macro
  • Added depth of field compare to XT2 (It's minimal but still slightly noticeable)
  • Battery lasted ALL DAY!

Things I disliked:

  • Colors don't feel quite right when you simply apply filmconvert and it seems that it needs more time than the Fujifilm footages to get the look that I was after.
  • Video File structure on the Sony is a bit odd
  • Formatting the SD-Cards is slow


Overall impression after first use:

I enjoyed shooting video more with the Sony than with the fujis. The stabilization on top of being able to change from normal 4k recording to super smoth 100fps B-Rolls at the turn of a dial is SUPER WOW! Ok let's be honest here, it might be the "new toy syndrome" but since i'm getting more and more video work I thought of upgrading to the XH-1 and after all the bug reports + never hearing back from Fuji support when I asked about their professional services in Vietnam I thought that it might worth investigating a potential switch to Sony.

If like me you are wondering about jumping ship, stay tuned because i'll be doing some more detailed comparisons.

Cheers and have a great day!