Namaka Jewelry Video Ad Concept

Enzo Creation for Namaka Jewelry, the Natural Selection.

We admire the forces of the nature, but sometimes we are afraid of their power both creative and destructive. We are part of the planet’s eco system and yet we oppose ourselves to it. Nature has always been here to give us everything we need, and it’s always been here to show her wild temper and rage. Nature is the strictest judge that gives humanity the toughest quizzes. When children of the modern urbanistic world occasionally face it, nature finds ways to test their courage, endurance and strength. Once you’re away from the city-life commodities - the natural selection is on.

This is exactly what we’ve experienced while shooting the video in the jungle. The journey started early morning: 5 members of the filming crew (to say nothing of the monkey).

Our lovely and playful actress monkey Kiki was excited the most as she had a chance to run around freely and have fun in her natural habitat. However, we, the city dwellers, didn’t feel as confident on the jungle tracks and the first thing we did there - we got lost!

We realized that we were following the wrong path and brave Kristina, carrying several bags with heavy equipment, decided to lead the way through the unexplored forest. 2 hours later, guided by her inner sense of direction, the Crew covered in sweat, scratches and mosquito bites eventually arrived to the filming site.

Apart form the fact that we lost 2 hours wondering in the forest and ended being a bit behind the schedule everything else was on track. The filming started according to the script and both Kristina (Namaka’s brave scientist) and Kiki (representing the wild forces of Nature) did an outstanding acting job.

Another peculiar thing occurred when Anna our office manager (not jungle manager obviously) decided to climb the big banyan tree to check the best filming set up from the right height and got stuck on it. Dear tree climbers - remember the rule: It is always easy to climb up – but not easy at all to climb back down. The first rescue suggestion was to call the firefighters (sometimes they help out cats with similar difficulties). Of course – no firefighters or 911 around, even no network coverage on the phones. We had to manage to get the office manager off the tree ourselves.

We spent in the forest the whole day and headed back to civilization only at sunset, super tired, in ripped clothes, in monkey’s claws and teeth marks, with scratched legs, but satisfied and happy as we got all the material needed to make this little movie. What else to say: Enzo Creation Team is tested by nature too now!