I'm a sl*t, I need to change girlfriend and i'm so sorry about it

Hello my Dear,

Before anything else I’d like you to know that you gave me 2 incredible years. We started with literally nothing, just you, I and our love for adventures and challenges. You never let me down, (well, apart from that time I didn’t give you enough juice at night 😀). You taught me so much, gave me the opportunity to defy those who once said “you’ll never make it as a photographer” and to answer to that, you brung home a total of 125.000 USD for the past 2 years.

Thank of you I was able to get my life back on track. 

I know that you still have a lot in you and that you will give the next person everything you can as long as he or she deserves you. I know that’s who you are and that’s what makes you so amazing!!!! (BTW never let anyone tell you otherwise!!!)

Now you are wondering why with all this I’m leaving you…

Well, I’m ashamed to admit that I might be one of those social sheep who always need “more”. You see, the reality is that you are getting a bit overweight, during our last trip to Hanoi I even had to pay an extra seat for you… I know , I know, it’s not your fault and I’m such an a**hole to even bring this up but what would you do if you were in my shoes with all these new sexy and lightweight bodies just hitting on me every time I surf the web??? Let’s admit that it’s tempting, right??? You know that I’m not getting younger and that as years pass all men “yes, not only old expats living in Danang” aspire for sexier, younger, skinnier girlfriends... even if that means trading some reliability and robustness. Once again I’m really sorry to say but to put it simply, sometimes I feel that I could better express myself if I didn’t have to carry your fat a** everywhere.

I know that I’m taking a big risk since we always know what we lose but not what we gain and that it will take at least few months to get familiar with all the new habits but here we are… I’m letting you go to someone who will enjoy your charms, undeniable qualities and curves while I'll run into the arms of a more expensive to maintain girlfriend who I hope will accept to offer me some kinky things that you cannot.

Best of luck my love and I sincerely hope to not look back.

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