Fashion Shoot with the Fujifilm XT2 and firmware 3.0


Hello everybody,
Yesterday we had a great photoshoot for Yaly Couture (local Hoi An based company) in our new studio location. For the entire shoot I used the Fujifilm XT2 with the latest firmware 3.0 tethered to a 2017 Macbook pro running both X-Acquire and Capture One. It was the first time I entirely relied on the Fujifilm system for a commissioned job as I usually use the Nikon D750. Here are the pros and cons I experienced during the shoot:


  • It seems that the autofocus is snappier and the way I can tell is because usually the Fujinon 56mm f1.2 APD is a pain to focus in low light but this time it did great.
  • The highlight blinkies seemed to be working fine but had no use for them since for studio shoot I turn off the exposure preview.
  • I've tried the X-Raw Studio Converter and really don't see why I would ever use it since it can only export to JPEG. 98% of our work requires photoshop retouches which means that we'd need at the very least an 8 bits Tiff export option.
  • Since it was the very first time I shot such type of work with the XT2 tethered to capture one I must confess that the famous fuji colors are really noticeable straight out of the camera. I cannot really say if it's Capture One Raw processor that does an amazing job or if the Fuji raw files are just splendid. With the SOOC Nikon files I always felt that the saturation was way too strong and the color gradation was too abrupt.
  • The EVF and tilty screen are plain awesome, no more lying on the floor and ruining the nice shirts my love prepares in the morning :D
  • All of the 4 Jinbei HD610 and Jinbei Mars 3 worked perfectly with the jinbei radio trigger so the firmware update might have something to do with this...


  • For this shoot (7 hours for 1000 images) I had "only" 2 or 3 camera freezes (need to take battery and battery grip off) compare to last week where I tested the setup and had 1 freeze every 10 minutes (which seems to be due to the radio flash triggers.)
  • X-Acquire and/or the USB connection are really crap for tethering. Even though the Nikon D750 has only USB 2.0 it feels twice faster for the images to show up in Capture One than the Fuji with USB 3.0 which seems odd.
  • X-Acquire unstable connection. When you press the "Show Window" button in X-Acquire it gives you a small bar with the camera settings (kind of like the same as the lightroom one). Problem is that I kept experiencing connection drops. This in addition to slow files transfers (mentioned above) made the tethering experience quite uncomfortable.
  • No Proper tethering support in capture one for the XT2


I totally dig the XT2, it's usability, colors, image quality and would definitely use it more and more for all our studio shoots... but I would keep the Nikon on hand because it feels like the Fuji system is not quite as reliable.

What I'd like to see in future firmware updates:

- Ability to call full video settings quickly. We do more and more behind the scenes stuff and I would love to be able to switch quickly to either 4k at 24fps with the shutter set to 1/50th or 1080p at 60fps with the shutter set at 1/120th. At the moment you can save all the photo settings such as "DR, Film Simulation, Shadows etc..." in a custom profile but it doesn't apply for video quality and frame rates.

- Need to lock the scroll wheel that controls either shutter speed and/or iso. For example, I always use the XT2 with the shutter dial set to "C" and Iso set to "Auto" so I can control both of them quickly with the front scroll wheel. When I press that front scroll dial it switches from Iso to Shutter speed and I'd like to see an option where once the scroll dial is pressed once more it toggles to "off". 4 or 5 times during our shoot, I realized that the shutter speed went down to 1/60th from 1/200th. Lucky my ears were like "what the heck is this shutter sound?".

If you have any questions about the setup, lights etc... feel free to comment below and also I'd be happy to hear your own experience.

I wish you all an awesome weekend!!!

Unretouched Shots straight out of the camera apart from crop: