I'm a sl*t, I need to change girlfriend and i'm so sorry about it

I'm a sl*t, I need to change girlfriend and i'm so sorry about it

Before anything else I’d like you to know that you gave me 2 incredible years. We started with literally nothing, just you, I and our love for adventures and challenges. You never let me down, (well, apart from that time I didn’t give you enough juice at night 😀). You taught me so much, gave me the opportunity to defy those who once said “you’ll never make it as a photographer” and to answer to that, you brung home a total of 125.000 USD for the past 2 years.

We've just signed our New Studio Location!


When you are aware of it, It's equally funny and fufilling how life consistently offers new opportunities every day. As long as we keep learning, either through failure and disappointment or by just working and practicing more, the end result is always brighter.

Life filters and makes you encounter those people who really matter, those who share the same values, it adds challenges and pushes you to simply do more with and for the people you love.

We are really happy and excited to announce that we have just signed 660 m2 of pure awesomeness for the next 5 years in the heart of east side Danang. In the first stage of this project, The first floor will be dedicated to Namaka Jewelry and a new pearlry concept while the second floor will host Enzo Creation photography, make up and hair studio.

Thank you to all of you who shared this amazing moment with us!
Just another step toward our lil dream surrounded by the people we love!