Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An: You Slide or Just Chillaaax!

The weekend is coming soon and we are all looking forward to a well-deserved escape from the exhausting heat of the city. Thankfully Danang and Hoi An are located conveniently close to some really cool spots and today we’d like to talk about one of those!

Firsthand experience is the best of a kind – so there you go, we planned a little trip to Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An, one of the biggest and newest theme parks in Vietnam and needless to say, we took a camera with us! Well, to be honest, we took 2 cameras and 2 GoPros, they say the devil’s in the detail…

On our way, ready for an adventure!

On our way, ready for an adventure!

It’s a perfect getaway for the weekend – make sure you plan a full day there or even two, because there’s so much to do and see in Vinpear Land, that you will want to come back and explore time and again.

It’s a truly fascinating project. It’s especially impressive when you approach it through its rural surroundings. All you see is fields and paddies and then, all of a sudden, you notice the magnificent silhouettes of the signature ships anchored at the entrance.

Goodness me, we wish we were 12 years old again! It is a paradise, a wonderland, a Promised Land for children! Even though we were supposed to be too old for this, we couldn’t help enjoying every moment of the trip. As soon as we entered the park, our team was walking around gaping at all the wonders like little kids.

Here is how the magic fairy tale begins – welcome to the Riverside Ancient Town (little Hoi An right there for you) and the western-style Avenue of Dreams. Stroll to the left – you come upon the amazing Water World with all kinds of twisted slides: speed, laughter, splashes and a whole load of happiness! Make your way to the right – thrilling roller-coasters accompanied by the Fast & Furious Ride and the 80-meter high Swiss Tower.

Anything else? Oh yes! The parrot garden and the river safari which is stated to be “the largest and most popular wildlife recreation” in central Vietnam.

I can speak!!!

I can speak!!!

Stop, stop…. A video is worth a thousand words: so here is what happened!

Enjoy the ride ;D