Pullman Danang Beach Resort: Capturing the Candid Moments, Behind the Scenes

Lifestyle Photography: Be Genuine

Lifestyle shoots have become one of the most popular genres in commercial photography. The purpose of lifestyle images is to capture candid moments of real life events. Nowadays the audience, who has already been through several generations of advertising techniques, responds better when seeing genuine things, that picture the experience as close to real life as possible. People want to see sincere emotions, actions that are not posed and scenes that are set with natural lighting. Lifestyle photography has gained momentum with the development of the social media advertising channels.

Family time 😊

Pullman Life: In Style for Business and Leisure

Last month we had the pleasure to shoot at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort, a beachfront gem managed by Accor Hotels. The upmarket resort features 186 stylish spacious rooms along with private cottages, set right on the Bac My An beach. The resort offers everything that a modern global nomad could wish for. Tranquil relaxation areas, an infinity pool with fiber optic illumination, gorgeous ocean views, lush green gardens, high-end restaurants and classy bars, top facilities for meetings and events, all with exceptionally attentive, smiley and kind-hearted personnel. Inspired by the yin and the yang duality, Pullman brand, through the use of elegance and efficiency, is combining lifestyle and design for business and leisure.

In this blog post we’d like to say more about this great shooting experience, propose some ideas about life in general (the rainy weather seems to get people into an insightful mood 😜 ), and of course share some of the behind the scenes snaps!

The Photoshoot: Stage it? Sure! But Most Important - Feel it.

These kinds of shoots require detailed preparation and planning and in addition a special approach is needed also: no matter how well you prepare, you just have to feel it.

Special mention must go to the Pullman Marketing Team – Tường Hoàng, Thu Uyen Ly and Nhật My for the excellent support we received. They had thought through every detail of the looks, style, set-ups and scene depictions. We were also delighted to work with top-class models with great personalities and strong exquisite looks. Thank you Thao Nhi Le, Huy Tran, Evtushenko Elena, Michael Kredics and Grayson Connoway, you were absolutely amazing! Great MUA team professionals form CTC Studio & Make Up, as well as the wonderful stylist Hensi Le with her refined taste and fashion knowledge. All we had to do is enjoy our part of the work to the fullest!

The trick is to create an atmosphere where models are really relaxed, when they are having fun, and they sincerely laugh and frolic. When they are at home in their surroundings, they act natural and inspire others. The Pullman team did a great job to ensure everyone involved could fulfill and express themselves to their full potential.

When the World is Your Playground

You may remember your parents telling you, whilst growing up: “The reality of the world is such that, you’ll be wise to forget the use of the words “I want!”, but rather you’ll do well to remember the words: “I can” and “I must”. You might have a slightly different take on this analogy, but you get the idea. Inevitably it’s up to you! The world is your playground, let no one tell you there are any set rules!

"Life, the Universe, and Everything. There is an answer. But, I'll have to think about it."

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Our life is fusion and balance, chaos and order at the same time. It’s composed of two important phases that harmoniously interchange and complement each other. These most distinctive modes of our everyday life are work time and the time we allow ourselves for leisure. All the other important things like relationships, family, love, friendships and studies usually happen with one of these two modes running in the background. People who achieve the right equilibrium between the two, are thought to be the happiest and most fulfilled. At times, the luckiest ones even manage to convert one into the other, turning work into leisure. Once your occupation starts bringing you joy and satisfaction, it enhances your self-esteem and benefits you and the people around you. This is when you can say, that your personal answer to the great question of life is at least partially deciphered.

What’s Your “Forty-Two”?*

You might wonder now, how all the above is related to the topic of this blogpost? The key is that during these 4 days of photoshoot at the Pullman we felt that every person involved was doing things that naturally made them happy. One could see, how all the team members enjoyed the process, each doing their part: the marketing team, photographers, models, the make-up and the stylist team. Everyone was working perfectly in sync and harmony with each other and most importantly with themselves. With a passion for their craft, in a positive easy-going manner. It was great to watch how people were complementing each other’s talents and giving birth to beautiful images. It would seem as though they all have found their “Forty-Two”, how about you?

*“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two,' said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy