Professional Photography for Small Businesses

The Digital Era

Representation on the web almost equates to the acknowledgment of existence nowadays. Professional photography has become essential to a brand/venue representation, it’s a given fact. We understand that each small business has different targets and we are happy to help you reach them by bringing the unique key selling points of your venue to light!

Thriving in Danang and Hoi An

Danang and Hoi An are indeed fantastic destinations! We feel truly fortunate to live here, especially now at the time of their rapid growth. Beautiful coastline, sandy beaches, the lush jungle of Son Tra Peninsula, gorgeous mountains illuminated with pink and purple hues at sunset, unique architectural features… A half-an-hour drive headed in pretty much any direction brings you to either a UNESCO World Heritage Site or to a prestigious splendid golf course. No wonder these destinations are becoming the top pick for foreign visitors all around the world.

This fruitful environment becomes welcoming for both big investors and for the development of small businesses that are thriving along with the growth of tourism.

Enzo Creation was mostly focused on large projects with iconic hotel brands since its inception, however, we started feeling a rising demand for professional photography work from smaller companies also. There’s no secret that in our digital age, the customers make their choices based on visual perception of the product or venue on-line. Social media has become so powerful, that creating accounts and keeping them updated with attractive visual content becomes more than advertising, it’s simply vital.

There are so many things to enjoy - make sure people see them!

Talent and skill required for pro photography work, plus the cost of equipment are factors that elevate the prices for professional imagery. We feel that Enzo Creation team has found the right quality/price balance offering the best value for money deal with our Photography Starter Package for small businesses. We were delighted to receive many responses and requests as soon as the package was introduced to the community.

Many thanks to the lovely venues that we had a pleasure to visit recently: Courtyard Café @ Metiseko , White Marble, Hai Café, Waterfront and the superb Dunes Golf Villas.  

We believe the key to this success was finding the most suitable format, process and timing for this service.

  • Up to 80 usable color corrected images in one day – a social media content database for a venue that covers months of publications in advance

  • Top quality in a short period of time

  • Fast post-production and delivery (2-3 days)

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