Crowne Plaza West Hanoi: Behind the Scenes of Business Travel

The Power of Now

The age of advanced technologies and communications has transformed the modern business world. We have means of reaching people all over the globe in the blink of an eye. Business has always been about making connections. Nowadays the opportunities for it are endless and truly global. It seems like the planet spins faster now, making the pace of life and contemporary business swift, flexible, pro-active, and therefore, more efficient.

Advantages of globalization have never been so powerful. The development of air travel has also expanded our horizons and this is how the story begins. An early flight brought Enzo Creation team to the vibrant capital of Hanoi. Just after an hour-long travel, we stepped out of the airport doors to be greeted by Crown Plaza West Hanoi representative, who was already expecting us.

Facilitating the Clockwork Leisure

It was a challenging and fresh experience to work on this project for one of the world’s largest upscale brands. Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel & Residences is devoted to “making business travel work” by creating a perfect environment for both: reaching goals at work and providing excellent facilities to rest and unwind.

We were determined to fulfill a compound interior photography and video project for this prominent hotel and also had an honor to experience the unique perks of staying with Crowne Plaza West Hanoi. We must admit: a business trip, couldn’t have been more pleasant.

Big shout out to the wonderful Marketing Team, thank you for all your help and hard work during this project. It isn’t an easy task to conduct the shooting process in such a busy hotel, consolidate all resources and comfortably combine the work of the production team with the cooperation of all the various departments involved. Also big-big thanks to all Crowne Plaza West Hanoi staff members whom we had a pleasure to meet on this trip for being so thoughtful, considerate, kindhearted, supportive and simply being who you are – amazing people!

Now we know, what it means “to bring humanity to business travel”. It works and our goal is to show it! Keep an eye on our blog for final video and photos after the post-production work is done.

Stay tuned, Keep creating!