Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort : Location Scouting

Good morning Everyone!

Like every project we shoot (either video or photography) we always start with scouting the location so why not sharing with you guys what are the things that we go through ;)

Good morning sunshine! Here is a small video from yesterday about location scouting for Hotels & Resorts video. I hope some tips will help. Have a great day!


what's up everybody this is Jonathan and

here I am back in the Premier Village

Phu Quoc Resort it's just stunning

resort the sun is shining like always in

phu quoc i'm super hot and in this video

what i wanted to do is take you through

all the steps that i do to produce a

hotel video so stay tuned and here is

the first step one always start with

scouting when I say scouting I'm really

talking about three different things

first I scout the location so what I'm

gonna shoot make sure that everything is

set up properly and stuff second thing

is covering the light throughout the day

light is doing different things so

shadows are falling differently and

sometimes light is really nice for some

places and architecture and then you

want to get that right third thing is

people when I say scouting people

usually I really like to talk with

people know what they are doing what

they where they come from what they do

how they do things because most of the

time if you want to introduce a story in

your video they are the one who gonna

tell that story obviously there is one

thing we really want to shoot and need

to shoot is the beach last time I came

the beach wasn't quite ready yet it was

still under construction and now it

looks awesome so we totally need to

shoot that in terms of light I would say

either very early morning because the

Sun rises over there and then the Sun

sets over there so sunrise is very nice

because we will have a very even light

coming on the beach so it will just

highlight all the Sun and stuff there is

another thing that I might consider is

sometimes you will see light especially

when it's like blue waters like this

when the Sun is exactly at noon like

right at the top what happens is because

the light is really hitting through the

water it makes it even brighter so maybe

that's something that we should keep in

mind especially if we're switching with

the drone or something like that

okay next one is going to be the

restaurant as you can see here the

lighting is really not the best at this

time of the day so I believe maybe in

the morning what's gonna happen is like

we have windows all around here and

basically the sunlight is just gonna

enter like this with some shadows though

so that's something that I'm gonna plant

maybe more in the morning okay so the

next location we will have to shoot is

the kitchen

we shaft huh go ahead I was thinking

about something is maybe try to

differentiate the calm and the Zen

attitude in the restaurant when all the

customers are going to be there and the

craziness of the kitchen and chef

preparing everything that they're gonna

eat very quiet while here is going to be

all crazy

okay so right now I've got a stunning

view and I really hope I can just bump

up the exposure with the lab because

that would be awesome to have the Sun

right here and then look at this light

all around here is beautiful okay so

obviously what you want to do when you

have to deal with the infinity pool is

basically to shoot as low as possible

and I think this is quite nice right

here because look at that cannot even

see its swimming pool and see and it

looks awesome okay so what do you guys

think about this angle I think it's

pretty nice I love the symmetry and the

lighting is quite nice in the bar so I

think that's what I'm gonna go for it's

exactly 613 so that's something to keep

in mind

6:13 when I shoot the bar so I think

we're pretty much done for today at



that's right we don't for today

so basically what I did I backed up all

the files into the hard drive I went

through all the footage edited this

small video and it's actually 2 a.m. and

I need to wake up in three hours to go

check out the sunrise maybe to do a

time-lapse fly the drone because that's

the best time of the days and you can't

miss that so time to go to sleep and I

wish you a very good night that bye bye