Photoshoot Hai Cafe and White Marble Restaurant in Hoi An

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for 2 restaurants in the center of Hoi An and oh lord.... This city is crazy!!!! We arrived at noon at the Hai Cafe and the restaurant was packed... not just full, people were queuing in front of the restaurant! We had to find a small spot to setup our equipment without taking too much space and I thought that around 2 or 3pm things would calm down a bit and it would be easier to shoot the restaurant but..... it never happened. All day long, until night the restaurant was insanely busy and after taking few bites from the barbecue dishes we finished shooting it made a lot of sense. The food being served not only is very affordable but it's definitely one of the best barbecue I ever had in Vietnam. (Especially that pork belly that they smoke on site).

After all the struggle to position the light stands given the lack of space we decided to light the dishes with a video led light and it worked quite well. One of the really nice trick when shooting with continuous leds is that it's really easy to preview exactly what you are shooting but also at the same time you can easily create color contrasts. Just set your white balance slightly on the cooler side and turn on your led by adjusting the mix between 5500k and 3200k until you get the exact color contrast you want. That's a technique widely used in video and it works equally good with photography.

Some of my favorite Shots

Quite different from my usual shooting style (clean/minimalist) Here the goal was to keep the Hoi An "esque" mood and I hope I got that right. Leave your thoughts in the comments ;)

Equipment Used:

2 x Fujifilm XT2
Fujinon 80mm f2.8 Macro
Fujinon 56mm f1.2 APD
Fujinon 16mm f1.4
Phantom 4 Pro
Yungnuo Led Light