MGallery Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi: We Love Opera, What about You?

Welcome to Hanoi

Enzo Creation Team is based in Danang, but every now and then we get an opportunity to travel when working on different projects. We are lucky to visit other parts of beautiful Vietnam and sometimes even other countries.

This time we made a trip to the capital city - the miraculous Hanoi. It is a city of fusion, where modern vibe merges with hundreds of years of history and multinational influences.  Hanoi is home to numerous charming colonial buildings and ancient temples. It’s an artistic city that offers to visitors a unique cultural experience by opening doors of enlightening museums, theatres, exhibitions and cinemas.

Here is what was happening!

The Hanoi Opera House

On this trip we had a pleasure to conduct a photo shoot for a sophisticated 5-star hotel located nearby the Old Quarter. And it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience as it was all about art that we adore.

The iconic MGallery Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi is close by to the Hanoi Opera House. The hotel is not only named after the Opera House but also pays tribute to theatrical arts in every small detail of its décor.

The Opera House itself was erected by the French colonial administration in the first decade of the 20th Century. It is considered to be one of the remarkable architectural landmarks of Hanoi. During the colonial period, mainly French and Italian operas were played here. After the departure of the French Russian music and ballet gained its popularity and various Vietnamese plays, musicals and operas appeared on stage. Nowadays The Vietnamese National Ballet is also part of the Opera House company.

…”I have always believed that opera is a planet where the muses work together, join hands and celebrate all the arts”

Franco Zeffirelli

MGallery Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi: A Night at the Opera

MGallery Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi is a masterpiece of its own. The design is inspired by French style of the 19th century. Works of art, symbols of cinema and theater is everywhere in this truly boutique hotel.

A challenging and thrilling task was set for our team: to interpret the atmosphere of the place and the hotel story with an artistic sensibility.

It was our absolute please to capture this luxury with grace and style as we are part of the artistic community ourselves. Furthermore, we’d like to say “Thank you!” to the highly professional Team of MGallery Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi that greatly supported us throughout the project with their kind hospitality and energetic participation.

….“I speak of love awake I speak of love in my dreams, To the water, the shadows, the mountains, To the flowers, the grass, the fountains.”… Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro