Photo and Video shoot of Sandy Beach Resort Managed by Centara Hotels

We recently had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful Sandy Beach Resort Danang. To start we had a meeting Mr Luke Benbow (General Manager) where he explained his vision for his property. That was a great experience because not only does he knows every single inch of his property but also has a very open/avant-garde mind when it comes to market his property. “I’m tired of seeing every resort looking the same, give me something different, I want our guest to feel what it’s like to stay with us.” This kind of approach to a job is always very exciting for us as we simply love to create out of the box imagery.

The challenge of shooting a resort like Sandy Beach is showing the guest’s experience without needing too many shots; while still making sure to show that the property can be both intimate, modern and natural at the same time.

thinking out of the box is what we needed for this photoshoot

We decided that instead of trying to capture the entire resort in a series of wide photographs, we would focus more closely on the feeling of the hotel through the model’s experiences. Essentially, using the models as virtual stand-ins for the guest experience. This was a great way to showcase the activities available at Sandy Beach without shooting boring photographs of props.

Sandy Beach was an interesting resort to shoot as it had several different environments to capture, something you rarely see in a resort. It had a large beach front, but also contained a massive area of pine trees.  We opted for a more cinematic approach to the shoot, capturing the beauty of the vistas in a 2.39:1 crop (CinemaScope); something that is rarely done for resort photography.