The Vietnamese Dilemma

You know those situations where you are super pumped with positiveness and because of that all the awesome things arrive at the same time??? Well, that's been like this for the last few days hence my disappearance from all the social platforms 😳. It's fun tho because now I kind of face what I would call the vietnamese dilemma 💁:

Basically you get a ton of work which leads to a happy business, happy business leads to happy family, Happy family + work leads to being even more passionate about what you do. Passion leads to eagerness to learn more which leads to overall improvement in what you do. When you improve and put your heart into it you end up getting more jobs until you reach that point where you get overwhelmed. The logic thing to do is to delegate but when you do the quality of work you deliver takes a hit because those people you delegate to are just not as passionate as you are or they just don’t give a cr*p.

So far I tried this 3 different solutions but wasn’t really happy with the outcomes:

- The first is do it all yourself and become more selective with the jobs that have the best Fun/Quality/Earning ratio. That’s the one I currently use and even tho it’s good, it feels like our business could grow much faster If we were able to simply DO MORE.

- The second is to train the local people you delegate to and try to infuse them with your passion.

It appears that I kind of suck at it tho 😩 Hey, for my defense I did watch all the Simon Sinek Videos and tried to apply what he says. Most of the time, I kept hitting a wall where people priorities are simply different. (money, learn english to work in a big branded hotel, karaoke, going out on weekends, getting drunk at new Phuong Dong or Golden Pine, taking selfies, leave the country etc…) When they eventually leave or tell you to f**k off with your passion and dreams, it feels like you've been wasting your time and leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth like a dry hit from an electronic cigarette. (Really! Did you ever experience that? It’s totally YUCK 🤢)

Oh and I almost forgot, there are also, those that you train, leave or tell you to f** off and open the exact same business 😂 (True story!)

- The third and last solution which we didn’t try because we are not Cresus, is to hire a high profile "westerner" with good salary but based on some friends experience, it's kind of risky because you might end up paying more for 80% of the time the same results as solution number 2 (apart working in hotels and leaving the country ;) )

Please, I’d be happy to hear your opinion on this because I clearly do something wrong and I wonder how to find people who value "Quality vs Quantity”, “Self-Improvement vs Money”, “Do more to get more"

Creating/making something as good as you possibly can definitely is the best feeling I have ever experienced (apart from the ❤️ of my son and girlfriend 😉). That’s the reason I love so much the Japanese culture. They master and perfect everything and they draw pride out of it. Have you ever eaten at pizza 4p's in Danang or Ho Chi Minh? Who would have thought that Japanese would make better pizzas than Italians and crush the market with a restaurant fully booked all the time??? Japanese do the same for everything they touch, French Food, Sex toys, Pearls (yeah I know it’s a totally random succession of examples but they still apply). Anyways that’s how this “tiny" island remains among the top forces in the world. PERFECTIONISM! (Hell yeah, I love samurais and ninjas since I was a kid)

Ok, I need to get back to work, all this to say, Solution number 4 is to maybe work with a Japanese... just kidding….or maybe not 😂

To illustrate everything we talked about and that "Quality vs Quantity", here is one of our latest picture which makes me quite proud considering that 3 years ago I didn’t know s**t about photography 😘.

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