Taste of Australia Event in Danang

Recently Enzo Creation had the exciting opportunity of being named the official photographer for the Taste of Australia Culinary Competition final and the Taste of Australia Family BBQ. Both events were held here in Da Nang, and were organized by the Australian consulate in Vietnam. The culinary competition was held over four cities across Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Nha Trang and Da Nang. The winning team from each event had the chance to participate in the finale and compete to win a trip to Australia to train at a famous culinary school.

We were so excited to have the chance to work with the team at the Australian consulate Ho Chi Minh City, both events were fantastic and the team were a delight to work with.

The Winning Team of Taste of Australia Event

The Winning Team of Taste of Australia Event

First was the Taste of Australia Culinary Competition final. Held at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort; a truly remarkable place to shoot. Every square inch of the resort has been meticulously planned and designed. The contestants got to enjoy the first-class cooking facilities, with world famous chefs coaching from the side-lines.

Shooting a culinary competition was a new experience for our team at Enzo Creation. It was a lot of fun getting interesting angles of the action in the kitchen and capturing the energy in the kitchen through the photos.

Taste Of Australia Family BBQ

Held only a day after the culinary competition, the annual Taste Of Australia Family BBQ was hosted by the Ocean Villas Da Nang. The event was a fantastic day filled with great food and great people. The main event was the famous BBQ Cookoff, created to crown the king of the Australian BBQ in Vietnam. With famous chefs Luke Nguyen and Ngô Thanh Hoà leading the two of the teams, it was bound to be close.

The Family BBQ was held in the middle of the hot, sunny, windy day; a nightmare for photographers. The difficulty of shooting in the middle of the day is always the problem of Dynamic Range  (the brights point in your image to the darkest point).

The problem lies in the fact that most cameras have a rather limited Dynamic Range, forcing the photographer to choose what area to expose correctly. This can be slightly corrected in post processing, but never to the full extent of correct exposure.

Having spent many years working with many different cameras it has become clear to me that Dynamic Range is a crucial element in capturing a pleasing photo or video.