RW Solutions & Combined Logistics Network Event in Danang

Recently Enzo Creation had the chance to be assigned as official photographer and videographer for a corporate event here in Da Nang. The event was organized by RWSolutions (event management company based in Hong Kong) to promote the famous Combined Logistics Network (CLN – one of the largest association  for freight forwarders around the globe). Working with the team at RWSolutions was an absolute pleasure.

For many photographers, event photography pays the bills. Whether it be weddings, corporate events, sports or concerts; event photography is one of the largest photography sector.  Having said that, shooting events is quite a different ballgame than other types of photography and here are the few things we strive to master for this type of assignment.


Event photography is all about capturing the moments that people will never see. If you’re shooting a party, these are the time’s people are laughing, dancing or engaging with each other. For music, when the band interacts with the crowd or someone dives off the stage. At a wedding, it might be an emotional relative shedding a tear or a stolen glance between the happy couple.

Capturing these moments is what makes for the great photos that everyone will remember and want to see again. You’ll need to keep your eyes open and be constantly aware of what’s going on around you to capture these special moments. For events like weddings or corporates, preparation is key and patience is a virtue.

Another possibility during an event (especially for corporate event!) is shooting sport. During the RWSolutions event, they held their annual golf competition. Photographing sports is always tricky and it requires a very special set of skills rare in the world of photography.

With small object moving extremely quickly it is very difficult to keep up with the action. Watching people who film and photograph sport is always extremely interesting.


A key element to sports photography is high-speed shooting. Whether you’re shooting a basketball game from the sidelines or a golf swing at the tee, you’re going to want a camera fast enough to capture all the action. Some great cameras I would suggest for such a job are: Nikon D500 DSLR, Canon 7D Mark II DSLR, Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR, Nikon D5 DSLR.


The greatest part of event photography is the chance to build relationships with people from all around the world. At the RWSolutions event we had people from hundreds of different countries; Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Peru, and Germany. And all in the same spot, all with the same passion for what they are doing. At Enzo Creation, we have that passion too but for our own industry. A passion for creating beautiful images and video. A passion for envisioning and creating for our clients. A passion for tailoring a package to suit the needs of our client with a group of extremely professional and dedicated photographers and videographers.

To summarize, our job for this event was not only to capture the best moments but also organize and coordinate 4 models, make up artists, transportation, prints and everything that would make our client life easier so they can focus on what they do best. If like RWsolutions and Combined Logistics Network, you are looking for a team of passionate photographers and videographers, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be super happy to assist.