New Photography Studio in Danang

Having a studio to work in has long been a dream for us all here at Enzo Creation.  We are so excited to announce we have finally fulfilled that dream, by opening Enzo Creation Studio in DaNang Vietnam.

This blog entry is the first installment of our new project, Studio Sessions. This will be the start of a new serie of blogs and vlogs, following Enzo Creation as we work in the creative industry in South East Asia. For our inauguration we had the pleasure to shoot Mrs Diep Le (Owner of prestigious Pullman Danang Beach Resort, Alexis Lopez and Annie Le (couple of friends), Etienne Bossot (Famous travel photographer at Pics of Asia), Victor Lee and Leaf (From Value partners), Olga Mamasueva (Professional Dancer) and the beautiful Vika (my girlfriend's niece).

Shooting these portraits was such a delight.  As most photographers know, shooting portraits is some of the most fun you can have in photography and working with great people is always a blast.

The eyes are often called the ‘windows of the soul’. This statement rings so true in portrait photography. When photographing people, you almost always want to place an emphasis on their eyes. You could have the perfect composition and exposure, but if the eyes aren’t sharp, or are too dark, the entire image suffers. Therefore a Catchlight (eye light) is almost always essential.

Our studio is fully equipped with professional strobes, light modifiers, full-frame cameras, tether-shooting for a total inventory of US$43.600. Well, I must confess that It's really not that much when you consider that 1 Phase One or Hasselblad camera back would cost you north of US$60.000. Yes that's right, only for the camera LOL. Look at Karl Taylor's Studio for example fully loaded with hasselblad and Broncolor brands. I'm sure that his photo studio worth at least US$500.000. Anyways, we are gently getting there and with all this new additions to our inventory, we can now easily fulfill your product packshots and high end fashion commercials.