Photoshoot of the Ibis Saigon Airport - Accor Hotels Property

Recently we had the chance to photograph the brand new Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city, and what an experience it was! We spent four days on location shooting beautiful rooms, lifestyle images and all this with a lot of fun and positive vibes thanks to the management team of the hotel. That was definitely one of the most pleasant shoot of my career in hotel and resort photography.

I must confess that when everything goes as smoothly, one of the best parts of this job is the people you meet. Working with the staff of Ibis Airport Saigon was an absolute privilege; Van, Hung and Oreste were truly a pleasure to work with. The Ibis team is one of the most hard working hotel team I've ever met. Van ( the director of marketing) would wake up at 4 am to join us for our sunrise shots and stay with us the whole day to assist us with cleaning stuffs, arranging, styling and position various elements. When the daily shots were completed (around 9 to 10 pm) we would seat in their restaurant to backup all our files and guess what, Van would still work and take care of the tasks she couldn't do during the day while assisting us.
If you ever visit their hotel and see a handsome guy checking every single details with a sight of a falcon holding an espresso in his hands, then you've met Mr Oreste Traetto, General Manager of Ibis Saigon Airport. He is one of this Accor GMs that makes me understand why the group is so successful. A great and friendly personality that totally matches the "Ibis Brand". He even cooked pasta himself for all our team after a shooting day at midnight!!! Let me tell you... when you hear Accor slogan "feel welcome", then Oreste his the personification of this LOL.  
Hung is the director of operations and she was pampering us like we were family and because she has such elegance and charm she also was our super model :)
We cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and professionalism and wish all our shootings would be the same.

Here is our behind the scenes video of our photoshoot for Ibis Saigon Airport:

“The Ibis brand has such an energy to it that shooting these images was a pleasure.”

The retro youthful vibe of the hotel was a fresh change from our recent work. We opted for a more cinematic approach to the shoot, capturing the vibe and feeling of the hotel. The Ibis brand has such an energy to it and the photographic process was an absolute joy. Shooting hotels is not always about simply getting a beautiful picture, it is also about capturing the essence of the hotel and the feeling of the location. If our images convey the feeling we had while shooting them, then we have done our job.