Morning light is the secret

The alarm rang at 3.30 on my Samsung watch... can't be bothered and just turned it off... then the alarm on the phone rang at 3.35, time to wake up since It's gonna keep snoozing on both the devices every 5 minutes :D sneak peak at the sky from the balcony and Venus is "shining bright like a diamond" (Lame music tastes I know but we had some fun with my son and this song). Quickly jumped in the shower, pet our lovely animals and ordered a coffee next door (lucky that this place opens at 4am). Packing the Fuji XT2, various lenses and the Phantom 4 pro. The sun surveyor app indicates that the sun rises at 5.33am and the weather forecast says that It's cloudy. Rule number one! Don't let the forecast demotivates you as 80% of the time It's crap. 4.30am time to jump on the bike and go to the Fusion Maia Danang to see what we can get out of this sunrise. Once arrived It's still dark but the first blue tones start to appear at the horizon. I setup the camera by the swimming pool and set it up on interval timer every 5 minutes, with 5 exposures brackets on aperture priority and just let it do it's job while I take care of flying the drone (Phantom 4 Pro).

In term of post processing, Raw Adjustments have been applied in Capture One Pro 10 and some small distraction removal in Photoshop to finish it up. The hard part with shooting aerial images of this beautiful resort is that unfortunately it is surrounded by one huge not very pretty building on one side (Olalani Resort) and a big construction site with several cranes on its other side but nevertheless the Fusion Maia remains one of the most peaceful resort in the region.

It's always a pleasure to witness the morning lights in such a beautiful resort, and waking up early not only allows you to take nice photographs but also, it kind of feels like meditation. Hearing the birds chirping, the Fishermans coming back from a long night of work, people running on the beach.... well, it just felt super zen. Have all a lovely day.