Fujifilm GFX50S 8K Timelapse

Good morning peeps!
Last week Kristina and I had once again the chance to work with the great team of Fusion Maia Danang. This time it was to produce a music video for the upcoming APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) that will be hosted in our beautiful DANANG City.

At the time of the shoot we still had the impressive Fujifilm GFX50S and since we showed up on site at 4.30am to capture the sunrise we thought that it would be nice to shoot a whooping 8K timelapse to add to the final music video.

Everybody already heard about new 4K monitor displays and TVs but with the introduction of new Red cameras (80K USD) used by Hollywood film production studios now shooting 8K for Imax cinema, i'm quite confident to say that in the next 3-4 years 8K will become the new standard. (Don't believe me? check this out: Moore's Law )

For those who are not very familiar with all these tech stuffs, let me quickly explain how you can already benefit from this type of 8K videos:
At the moment if you are reading this article and watched our timelapse on your mobile phone you might have noticed that the maximum playback resolution youtube allows is 1080P on mobile phones. 8K is 16 times bigger than 1080p!!!! Even if you watch the video on a brand new 5K Imac you won't even be able to display the full size of this timelapse!

"So what the point DUH???"

First, is the ability to use any frame of this video as a still 36 Megapixel photograph. Can you imagine the type of flexibility it adds? Watch a 8K video, grab any frame you like and print it on a billboard! Yes that's right, a fricking BILLBOARD!!!! 36 megapixels is what your professional fashion/commercial photographer with cameras like the Nikon D810 uses for their still photographs.

The other interesting advantage of 8K videos is for videographers. Nowadays your professional film maker will still deliver your final video in 1080p because that's what most people still use to view your content. As stated previously since 8K is equivalent to 16x1080p videos juxtaposed it means that a videographer can zoom, pan, tilt and add a huge amount of effects with a single 8K clip in a 1080p timeline without losing any quality. (That's what we actually did for Fusion Maia Danang final music video).

Last note, this timelapse of 344 images was created using the Fujifilm GFX jpegs coming out of the camera with the provia film simulation and even the files were still compressed JPEGS my fully loaded 2015 5K imac had a very hard time dealing with such massive resolution. If you plan to start shooting 8K footages or timelapses be ready to invest in a super powerful workstation ;)

Cheers and wishing you all a great day!!!!