Dedication, obsession and practice always pay off.

When I talk to my son I often use the analogy with golf to explain how perseverance can help you achieve anything. Few years ago I met a golf senior pro named Francis Mayes and he told me this anecdote:

I asked my grandma what to do to succeed as a golf-professional. She said: “Francis, in life there are really only 3 types of persons who can succeed: the naturally talented, the hard workers and the talented hard workers.”
I then asked which type she thought I was and she replied “You’ll have to be the harder worker :D”.
— Francis Mayes

Yesterday I was working on few images for a client and when done with it the first thing that came to mind is that it was time to shoot some more. It's funny how photography feels like a drug sometimes. The need to create new images, improve your lighting, composition skills... You know that feeling when you love something so much that the only thing that matter is getting better at it. Just as in Golf, I strongly believe that to improve our photography/video skills we need to practice, practice and practice. When you upload your pictures and footages to a larger screen you often realize:

"those shots are a bit under exposed but they looked ok on the back of the XT2. Better darken the viewfinder. The barrel distortion from the Fujinon 16mm f1.4 is pretty heavy if shot too much at an angle, next time don't go too low. That flash pop is way too hard, take more time setting up in the future. Bring some blue colored gels to create color contrasts between the model and those yellow walls next time"

This is only few of the things that jumped at me when discovering those shots took this evening with the beautiful Julia Uhvatkina. Since it was a last minute test photoshoot to scout the location and check the appropriate style of clothing/make-up it's no big deal. At least, now we can be assured that the upcoming photoshoot for Namaka Jewelry at this location will be closer to perfection.

Practice, Learn, Fix and Repeat that's how eventually a lot of us will get there ;)